wun⁶ waa²
wun⁶ waa²

wun⁶ waa²


For clarinet, percussion, and double bass

The verb wun6 waa2 refers to a cinema ending the run of a film and starting another. This changes the decor, the exhibits, the merchandise, and the general atmosphere inhabiting the physical space of the cinema. Despite that, the films’ runs usually ease into one another, and at the end of the day, it’s a similar experience of sitting in a dark room with a projector.

This piece extracts a few scenes from my memory of being in Hong Kong, as if excerpts from several dusty film rolls. In rapid-fire succession, it switches back and forth between highly contrasting scenery, from busy street crossings to riversides, from metro trains to hiking trails. Yet as the ending shows, these scenes are all part of a whole, part of the same space, and blend into one continuous experience of a culture and its hustle and bustle.

wun6 waa2 is written for Sandbox Percussion, as part of the Peter Reynolds Composers Studio 2022, at the Vale of Glamorgan Festival.


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