Israel Lai | composer
the flock: composing-performing musical collective

the flock: composing-performing musical collective

the flock is a Manchester-based ensemble dedicated to representing the voice of Hong Kong in the British new music scene and fostering integration and cultural exchange with the growing Hong Kong diaspora. We are made up of composers, music creators, and performers interested in new music, who collectively participate in workshops and performances of each other’s work.

A music creator’s creativity is a sum of their life experiences; whether intentional or not, traces of our culture and worldview shape and influence our artistic work. This project hopes to bring these perspectives to the fore.



What is new music? 咩係新音樂?

I define new music as music whose creative process occurs in the current era. Usually, that involves a living composer.

New music does not have to adhere to a particular style, but ideally it exhibits creativity.



Aims 目標

  • To improve representation of Hong Kong culture in the UK/European new music scene(s)
  • To offer composers a relaxing and sustained environment to experiment with ideas
  • To introduce repertoire, techniques, and compositional processes to fellow composers and players
  • To enable conductors to gain experience with contemporary music (if necessary)
  • To have fun
  • 提升香港文化喺英國/歐洲新音樂界嘅可見度
  • 製造一個放鬆、持續嘅環境,畀作曲家做唔同嘗試
  • 向其他作曲家、演奏家介紹唔同嘅作品、技巧、創作方式
  • 幫指揮累積現代音樂嘅經驗(如有需要)
  • 過癮

Regular activities 定期活動

As the name implies, our ensemble’s main activity consists of regular compositional workshops. While we may not be professional contemporary music performers, we offer each other the opportunity to revise and continually improve our work, from early stages of composition to a final product.

With prior notice, members of the public are welcome to observe and freely exchange ideas.

the flock makes its public debut on 11 July, 2024.