Israel Lai | composer
Solo / accompanied

Solo / accompanied

牆內幾點鐘 (2023) / coeng⁴ noi⁶ gei² dim² zung¹ (What time is it behind the wall)
for voice and piano

[redacted] (2019)
for organ
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Zerfernte Gedichte (2019)
for baritone and piano
Texts by Hugo Ball, Theodor Storm, Max Dauthendey, Christian Morgenstern
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Late Fragment (2019)
for soprano, clarinet and piano
Text by Raymond Carver
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Arctic Trek (2018)
for flute and prepared piano

鬼魂和死亡 (2018) / Gwai2 wan4 wo4 sei2 mong4 (Spirits and death)
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沒有資格 (2018) / Mut6 jau5 zi1 gaak3 (Unqualified)
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for soprano and piano
Text by Chan Hong-to

Winter (2017)
for solo piano
Video 1 | Video 2 | Score preview

Theme and Variations (2017)
for clarinet and piano
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放鬆嘅牛油 (2017) / Fong3 sung1 ge3 ngau4 jau4 (Relaxed butter)
for soprano and piano
Text by Yuen Hin-sing
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(2015) / Sam1 (Depth)
for alto and piano
Text by Cheung Kam-chuen
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