Israel Lai | composer


re | DIS connect/ED (2020)
for jiwu and guzang
commissioned by the HKADC Arts Go Digital Platform Scheme

after some tomorrows (2020) – duet for no.2 bridge
for alto flute and bass clarinet

Suite (2020) from the opera Bou6
for string quartet

To Distance (2018)
for string quartet

In the Unknown (2013 rev. 2018)
for saxophone, bassoon, and viola

Violin duet (2018)

Playwright (2018)
for string quartet

Clash (2018)
for alto saxophone, violin, and piano

Icecrack (2018)
for wind quintet

Introduction and Intermezzo (2017)
for clarinet, viola, cello, and piano

Rondo (2017)
for wind quintet

Moto ostinato (2017)
for horn and organ

Spring (2016)
for flute, horn, violin, and cello

After a Reading of The Rider on the White Horse (2016)
for bass trombone and harp

Autumn (2015)
for viola and two double basses
arranged for violin and two cellos (2016)