out to tolo
out to tolo

out to tolo


For String Quartet

out to tolo outlines the flow of Shing Mun River in Shatin, Hong Kong, towards the Tolo Harbour. It portrays the diversity of landscapes and architecture that the river passes by, and the sudden widening towards the sea.

cranes among chickens follows the flow of the river and highlight the diversity of urban landscapes that it passes: the individual movements paint sections of the river, culminating in a finale that presents a bird’s eye view of these contrasting scenic elements. ‘Crane among chickens’ is a Cantonese idiom that normally describes qualities that stand out from the crowd, but is used here to refer to the high-rises that tower over the greenery that covers upstream Tai Wai—a reversal of the dense canopies in tropical rainforests.

‘Dim willows, bright blooms’ is a metaphor for a surprising change for the beer, especially in a bad situation.

cranes among chickens was written for the Trio Northumbria workshop, as part of the BFE/ RMA Research Students’ Conference 2023.

The movement retrospect was written for a workshop with the Carducci Quartet, as part of the Peter Reynolds Composers Studio 2022, at the Vale of Glamorgan Festival.


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