migloje ­– lietuje
migloje ­– lietuje

migloje ­– lietuje


For clarinet, percussion, and double bass

migloje – lietuje (in the fog – in the rain in Lithuanian) is a sketch from my summer in Vilnius, depicting the two natural phenomena in this ‘land of rain’ that left an impression on me. The idea came when my friends and I were driving in the Lithuanian countryside when a thick, almost solid-looking layer of fog appeared in front and we had to practically ram into it. The Baltic weather, with occasional torrential rains, was an interesting contrast to my home in Manchester.

The music takes inspiration from and transforms a sutartinė tune – a musical tradition whose name is derived from ‘to be in concordance’ – documenting the memorable moments of consonance and dissonance that I experienced during my stay.

Written for and premiered on 16 September 2023 by Britten Sinfonia musicians, as part of the Opus 1 scheme.


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